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The College Tour

Whether it’s money, time or just sheer laziness, chances are you have skipped out on visiting some awesome college campuses.

But really, who can blame you? Gas prices are sky-high and there’s only so much time in between work, clubs, and sports to do anything.

Fortunately, for you that isn’t a problem anymore. Thanks to the Amazon Prime tv show The College Tour, you can get an up close and personal look at campuses from all over the US literally without having to go anywhere.

The show travels the country going to schools large and small and tells each school’s story through the lens of its students, which to be honest, is way more interesting than listening to some admissions officer that seems totally out of touch with your generation.

Each episode features diverse voices and interests, showing a comprehensive picture of what campus life could look like for you.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional tours can be valuable, but how many times have you gone on one and didn’t connect with your guide and just mentally crossed the school off your list?

This show is like having 10 tour guides, all from different walks of life and with different academic interests and abilities.

About The College Tour

The College Tour also has an app and an incredible website where all the episodes can be found for free.

One of my favorite website features is the TCT Class, which breaks down what to look for when picking a college.

From campus culture and majors to climate and big city locations versus small, rural schools, the TCT Class teaches you what to really look for in a college, so you can make good decisions about your future rather than picking a giant financial and time commitment based on the fact you look like school colors, or your cousin went there.

College is legit one of the biggest decisions of your life and this class gives you the tools you need to really examine yourself so you go in knowing what will work for you.

Think of it as a customized college readiness starter pack. Not bad, considering you can do it from your phone!

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How to Take Advantage of The College Tour Show

The show truly is a game changer! Here are some tips on how to get the most out of The College Tour experience:

1) Pace Yourself

There’s no need to run and watch 12 episodes in a row. The beauty of the show is that you can watch episodes at your leisure.

We recommend pacing yourself, and maybe setting a goal of watching 2 episodes per week, making sure at least one of them is a school that wasn’t on your radar.

You will be so surprised at how many schools are out there that you don’t even know about, with crazy cool majors that speak exactly to your talents

Let yourself explore at your own convenience.

2) Keep It Real & Keep it Class-Y

The TCT Class is your secret weapon to really help you figure out what you are hoping to get out of your college experience.

After watching each video, make sure you answer the critical thinking prompts honestly. The whole thing is anonymous, so be real with yourself.

This is about YOUR needs, YOUR likes, and YOUR future. Don’t let other people’s opinions and experiences cloud your judgement.

This is your chance to really make sure you are putting yourself first.

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3) Prep Yourself

If you do end up going on traditional college tours, having watched the show and taken the TCT Class will give you a total edge in knowing what questions to ask and what elements to be looking out for.

You will be way more aware of your surroundings, and the tour guide will no doubt be shocked that you asked important questions, rather than the typical “How many freshmen go here,” type things than they are used to getting.

Not to mention, you will look way smarter than everyone else in your group!

4) Grab Some Coffee. Ask Some Questions.

Well, not exactly. Take advantage of host Alex Boylan’s digital series “Coffee with the President” and “Ask Admissions,” where Alex sits down with school leaders to get an informal glimpse into each institution.

From Tulane’s free application process which looks for genuine applicants who will uphold Tulane values to Missouri Southern State University, which prides itself on being a home away from home, intimate school, you will learn A LOT about what it takes to get into each college from the people who truly know best.

College preparations can be intimidating (and not to mention filled with paperwork).

It’s nice to know there is something out there to help make it fun and easy, that also keeps it real at the same time.

With information constantly being thrown our way, The College Tour is a welcome show that encourages us to be who we are and make our dreams become a reality.


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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