4 Stylish Sneaker Trends for Teenage Girls to Try

sneaker trends for teenage girls

In 1984, the launch of the Nike Air Jordans spurred a huge cultural reset.

Before that, sneakers weren’t valued by the mainstream for anything more than their purpose as footwear, and they were only really popular amongst niche hip-hop and sports subcultures.

But Air Jordans took sneakers to a whole new level, becoming both collectible commodities and status symbols.

Today, sneakers dominate the shoe industry, creating a new cult of buyers and traders who go to extreme lengths to hype up every new limited edition release.

Perhaps the industry’s huge cultural impact can be attributed to the shoe’s role in fashion and self-expression — no piece of footwear can communicate identity the way sneakers do.

The best sneakers let us represent ourselves: our personalities, our styles, our backgrounds, and our tastes.

If you want a sneaker that can help you express your individuality, here are a few trends you can check out.



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Y2K nostalgia dominated the fashion scene last year, daring the world to brighten their wardrobes with bolder colors.

This year, that love of vibrance bled into footwear trends and drove color-blocked sneakers to new levels of popularity.

This trend is perfectly exemplified by the new Puma Cruise Rider Gloaming sneakers, which marry softness and boldness perfectly with their pink and green color-blocking combo.

The Cruise Rider Gloaming is one of three sneakers featured in Puma’s Gloaming Capsule, which is a collection inspired by the colors of summer sunsets.



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Y2K isn’t the only decade making a comeback. Enter the New Balance 990v5 sneakers: the fifth iteration of New Balance’s 990, which is considered an 80’s classic.

The 990v5 was launched in 2019 and is still enjoying widespread popularity. As true nostalgia connoisseurs, New Balance even brought back the 990’s original slogans for the 990v5 release.

One slogan reads, “Worn by supermodels in London and Dad’s in Ohio,” — a testament to its perfect blend of stylishness and stability.

High Tops


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The high-top trend first kicked off among basketball fans, but it’s since made waves in the worlds of fashion and music.

Though trend cycles tire of them every now and then, whenever high tops come back, they make a statement. And there’s no better embodiment of this classic silhouette than Nike’s Iconic Air Jordans.

Just recently, Nike released the Air Jordan 1 High OG in Seafoam, a new women’s exclusive colorway from the legendary brand.

It features a calming autumn color palette, with whites and pale greens on the shoe and an orange outline on the laces.

Sustainable Sneakers


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Sustainability is one trend we hope never kicks the bucket.

More sneaker brands are looking to make their production processes more eco-friendly, but no company is going as far as the French fashion brand Veja.

Veja shoes use environmentally safe materials like wild rubber and ecological cotton. They also use recycled plastic bottles to create the uppers of some shoe models.

These eco-friendly sneakers usually feature low-cut silhouettes with neutral colorways, making them versatile pieces for any wardrobe.

You can check out our ‘Stylish Fall Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls 2021’ article to find fresh pieces to go with your sneakers. Express yourself this autumn by pairing the right fit with the coolest kicks.

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