50 Best Matching Shoes for Couples Ideas in 2024

matching shoes for couples ideas

Not sure what matching shoes to wear as a couple? Here are the 50 best matching shoes for couples ideas in 2024!

From the simple yet trendy Nike Dunks to the more unique inverse color-matching converse, you’ll be sure to find one that you as a couple find the cutest.

We’ve constructed this list of ideas with shoes that cover a wide range of couple styles.

Also, if you and your partner prefer a more comfortable style, we’ve included a couple of slides and crocs ideas that might work for you.

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Let’s dive in!

Pink & Blue Blazers

matching shoes for couples ideas

Matching shoes for couples ideas don’t get much cuter than the Nike Blazers with pink and blue swooshes.

Matching New Balance 550s

best color-coordinating new balances

The New Balance 550s are some of the hardest shoes to get your hands on, but if you can get them as a couple, you’re automatically #goals.

Matching Purple Nike Jordans

Matching shoes for couples

For the fashionable and trendy couple that like to add a pop of color to their outfits, the matching purple Nike Jordans are a must.

Inverse Converse

Converse matching shoes

We love the idea of matching inverse Converse high tops for couples, especially in the green and white color combination.

Matching Garcons Converse

Cute shoes for couples

The Garcons Converse are an elite pair of high-top sneakers and make for the perfect matching shoes for couples.

White and Red Garcons High-Tops

Converse matching shoes

As you can tell, there are so many different Garcon styles that make for the perfect matching shoes for couples, but this pair might be our favorite.

Neutral Nike Airs

Nike matching shoes

For the fashionable couple who love wearing modern neutral colors, get ready to add these Nike Airs to your cart ASAP.

Nike Dunk Lows

Best couple matching shoes

Your shoes don’t have to be the same to be a cute pair of couple matching shoes. 

This mint and black pair of NIke Dunk Lows are a great example.

Boston Birkenstock Couple

Cute shoes for couples

For the granola Birkenstock loving couple, we’d be surprised if you didn’t already have a pair of matching Bostons.

Black & White Adidas Sambas

Matching shoes for couples

Every athlete couple in 2024 knows the Adidas Sambas are the go-to sneaker, so why not get a matching pair in black and white?

Color Matching

matching shoes for couples ideas

Being a girly-girl with a skater guy doesn’t mean you can’t have matching shoes, you can just match with your shoe colors.

Black High-Top Converse Couple

Best couple matching shoes

One of the matching shoes for couples ideas that’s among the easiest to achieve is the popular black high-top converse sneakers, which you probably already own a pair of.

Inverse Neutral Blazers

Jordans shoes for couples

Having neutral sneakers doesn’t have to be boring.

As a couple you can have fun with it by ordering a pair of inverse neutral Nike blazers.

Matching White Nike Air Force

Nike matching shoes

One of our favorite and most versatile pairs of matching shoes for couples is the popular and fan-favorite white Nike Air Force sneakers.

Baby Blue Dunk Mids

Best couple matching shoes

Nothing beats a pair of baby blue Nike dunk mids for the fashionable and cool couple in 2024.

Matching Royal Blue Dunks

Sporty Nike matching shoes

If you’re not a baby blue couple but love the royal blue color, we highly recommend this pair of Nike Dunk lows as your couple matching shoes.

Jordan and Nike

Jordans shoes for couples

You can bring both Jordan and Nike powerhouses to the table for your couple matching shoes by making sure the colors either match or are inverted.

Matching Crocs

Matching shoes for couples

2024 is the year of Crocs so if you’re a couple, you’re going to want to get on this trend.

Matching Limited Edition Converse

tan converse shoes for two people

The best way to show you’re an elite couple that’s better than every other couple? 

By getting your hands on a pair of matching limited edition Converse.

Blue Converse and Vans

Couple matching shoes

Whether you’re a Converse girl and he’s a Vans boy, or vice versa, as long as you pair your sneaker colors, you’ve got a pair of matching shoes for couples.

Matching Classic Vans

matching shoes for couples ideas

The classic vans might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure makes for a great matching shoe for couples idea.

Checkerboard Vans

footwear black and white for two people

We love the idea of checkerboard vans for couples, especially when they both have slightly different patterns.

Black Nike Dunks

Sporty Nike matching shoes

These might be the most popular pair of Nike Dunks, and for a good reason.

Nike Pandas are always a great idea for the couple who want a pair of matching shoes.

Matching Gucci Slides

slides for man and woman partners

If you’re got money to spend and love your name brands, the matching Gucci slides is truly the most elite pair of couples shoes.

Shark Slides

custom home shoes for partners

We are obsessed with these shark slides for couples for so many reasons but mainly because of how cute and adorable they are.

Red & Black Nike Dunks

cute red and black nikes for two people

The red and black Nike dunk highs are not the most popular, so they’re perfect for the fashionable couple who want to stand out.

Matching Orange Nikes

Sporty Nike matching shoes

Matching orange Nike sneakers paired with matching outfits is the cutest way to show off your love for one another.

Teal Vans

matching shoes for couples ideas

For high school couples, matching shoes for couples’ ideas, whether for everyday wear or a school dance like homecoming, the color coordinating teal Vans are a must.

Chunky Pink Sneakers

Cute shoes for couples

Real men wear pink so when you see a man willing to wear chunky pink sneakers with his girl, you know he’s a keeper.

Red & White Jordans

Jordans shoes for couples

The couple who can rock matching red and white Jordans and a color-coordinating outfit is end game.

Custom Converse

Converse matching shoes

Are you even a couple in love if you don’t have a pair of matching custom high-top Converse?

Stan Smith Couple

Best couple matching shoes

The couple who rock matching Adidas Stan Smith together, stay together.

Matching Gucci Sneakers

Cute shoes for couples

The real power couples will know that matching Gucci sneakers is always the way to go.

Custom Reverse Matching Converse

Converse matching shoes

The custom reverse matching converse will forever be our favorite shoes for couples to match with, especially in seasonal colors.

Matching Yeezys

Cool Adidas shoes for couples

If you’re a Yeezy-loving couple, this matching shoe for couples idea should already be on your wishlist.

Matching Timberlands

matching shoes for couples ideas

Not everyone can pull off Timberlands, but if you can pull it off as a couple, we want to be you.

Neon Green Shoes

Best couple matching shoes

The 80’s called and they want their couple matching shoes idea back.

Couple Red Bottoms

stylish red bottom shoes heels and sneakers

For the couple who want to match but also want to make it luxury, red bottoms are your way to go.

Coordinating Vans

Converse matching shoes

Another great way to rock the checkerboard Vans as a couple is to get the same print but in slightly different shoe styles.

Pink & Blue Dunks

blue and pink shoes for partners

This is one of the best ways to rock matching shoes for couples while still being unique.

Yellow Jordan 4s

matching shoes for couples ideas

We’re obsessed with couples who can rock the bold yellow Jordan 4s, especially if they also match their outfits.

Green Nike Dunks

Sporty Nike matching shoes

Same, same, but slightly different. 

The different shoelaces add the special touch these couple shoes need to be cute without being too cheesy.

Gray Nikes

Best couple matching shoes

Go for matching gray nikes for your couple shoe idea if you want a pair that’s versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit.

Cream Vans Couple

simple athletic shoes for two people

Who would’ve thought cream Vans could be this cute?

It’s probably the color coordinating outfit that helps.

Custom Nike Blazers

cool sneakers for partners

The black and white custom Nike Blazers might just be the best couple shoes we’ve seen.

Classic without being too much.

Matching Adidas NMDs

black and white expensive shoes

These might not be the most popular couple matching shoes but they are definitely one of our personal favorites.

Dad Shoes

matching shoes for couples ideas

The chunky dad shoes have made a comeback and these New Balance 990s are a trendy way to rock matching shoes as a couple in 2024.

Colorful Sneakers

cool outfit and shoes coordination

Let your love, and shoes, shine bright in a pair of colorful sneakers with you and your boo.

Matching Dior High-Tops

Cute shoes for couples

There’s a few things in this world that we’re completely envious of and it’s this couple in matching Dior high-tops. #goals

Matching Mocha Dunks

nike dunks brown and black

Mocha dunks are one of our personal favorites for best matching shoes for couples ideas.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite matching couple shoes idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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