How to Earn Service Hours in School with Cancer Kids First

Cancer Kids First Service Hours

Want to earn service hours in middle school and high school? Check out Cancer Kids First to see how you can support the cause!

There are plenty of opportunities for middle and high schoolers to earn service hours while helping pediatric cancer patients!

Take a look…

What is Cancer Kids First?

Cancer Kids First is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by high schooler Olivia Zhang that aims to help pediatric cancer patients experience a better childhood.

With 10,000 volunteers in 27 different countries within 6 out of 7 continents, CKF has been able to donate 2,000 toys/books, send thousands of crafts to pediatric cancer patients, and reach over 1 million people.

Cancer Kids First works towards providing kids with cancer with a chance at a normal childhood through toy/book donations to normalize the hospital environment, artwork to cheer up patients, and care packages for those who may not currently be receiving treatment at a hospital.

CKF has also shared a specialized coloring book just for cancer patients with multiple hospitals; the coloring book is full of inspirational coloring pages made by all their volunteers. Besides aiding pediatric cancer patients, the organization also serves as a way to unite youth from across the world in changing lives for the better.

They provide an abundance of opportunities for the youth to become involved in making change while honoring responsibilities whether it’s through their Toys & Books program, Arts program, and Care Packages program or director positions.

From their members to the volunteers, Cancer Kids First is devoted to this mission and will continue to strive to help as many patients as they can with so many upcoming events planned.

Getting Involved

Cancer Kids First is a fun and simple way to become involved within a community while making a difference and receiving credit during your intermediate/middle school or high school years.

Service hours are usually required to graduate from high school and if not required, they look great on a resume!

By filling out an easy registration form online, you can join one of or all three of CKF’s volunteer programs which include Arts, Events, and Fundraising.

Other ways you can become involved within CKF is by attending their many virtual events such as movie nights and online fundraisers or by organizing your own event.

If you’re interested in devoting a more serious amount of time to this mission and the Cancer Kids First organization, you are also given the opportunity to start a Cancer Kids First club/chapter at your current school or within your community. Look out for leadership position opportunities posted by CKF in the future as well.

Upcoming Opportunity

On Saturday, April 24th at 7:00 PM EST Cancer Kids First is holding a virtual shadowing and Q&A session with Doctor Jasmine Smith, a pediatric hematology/oncology fellow physician at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

If you’re interested in the medical field, pediatrics, oncology, or in becoming a pediatric oncologist, make sure to tune in April 24th to get the chance to ask Dr. Jasmine any questions you have about the medical field and follow along a pediatric oncology virtual shadowing session.

You can learn more information about this event on CKF Instagram account; @cancerkidsfirst!

Want to volunteer for the arts, events, or fundraising teams?

Want to learn more about Cancer Kids First? 

Want to join the virtual shadowing and Q&A session with Doctor Jasmine?

Want to start a Cancer Kids First chapter in your school/community? 

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