10 Best Curtains for Dorm Rooms in 2024

Curtains for Dorm Rooms

Looking for some good curtains for your dorm this year? If so, here are the 10 best curtains for dorm rooms in 2024!

In this list, you’ll find curtain options ranging from the more affordable ones to the more intricate and detailed curtains that would make your dorm room unique.

The curtains provide the privacy you need as well as the perfect finishing touch for your dorm!

Plus, you’ll also find curtains with cool features that might interest you. Good dorm curtains are a necessity for creating a cozy and personalized space.

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Let’s dive in!

Best Curtains for Dorm Rooms

1) Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

curtains for dorm rooms

If you’re wanting curtains for the functionality rather than the looks, we recommend looking out for two things: thermal insulation and a blackout fabric.

Having a blackout curtain can be crucial for your sleep in college, especially if you have a light and bright room that lets in a ton of sunshine.

If you go to college somewhere cold, these thermal curtains can be a lifesaver in the winter by keeping some of that cold air out.

With over 30 colors, you can’t go wrong with these $18 curtains for dorm rooms.

2) Pompom Sheer White Curtains

white dorm curtains

Not only do curtains liven up your living space, they can be super beneficial at controlling light.

These sheer curtains are a great way at diffusing some of the light in your dorm, without getting rid of it completely. 

Plus the pompoms add a cute bit of decor to your curtains so they aren’t so bland and boring.

With over 10 colors and 5 sizes, we’re confident you’re going to love these $30 curtains.

Plus you can get them for 50% off right now!

3) Linen Blend Dorm Curtains

long curtain ideas

Another one of our favorite dorm room curtains are these long linen blend curtains that come in 9 sizes and over 15 colors.

Linen elevates any living space and these curtains are not only functional, but will help your dorm look that much better.

We’re partial to the white, beige, or light brown colors as they’re easier to match with your decor and won’t attract too much attention.

These affordable $19 curtains for dorm rooms are worth the investment in your 2024 school year.

4) Lush DÉCOR Zuri Flora Curtains

cheap and floral curtains

It’s 2024, curtains don’t have to be so basic and boring anymore!

These long floral curtains are a great example of how great curtains can be as an added interior design addition to your dorm room.

Whether you’re going for a boho, whimsical, or girly dorm room vibe, this $25 curtain idea is an investment you’ll want to make.

5) Semi-Sheer Ruffled Textured Bow Curtain

curtains for dorm rooms

Semi-sheer curtains might not sound useful at first, but they’re a great investment into diffusing some of the harsh light you might be getting in your dorm.

Having harsh light come in through your windows can make it hard to concentrate or focus on your work, especially if you’re always having to squint or shift around to the shade.

These white semi-sheer curtains can help diffuse the harsh rays to create soft, natural light that you can actually see in.

Plus these affordable $28 curtains for dorm rooms are super cute and will easily elevate the look of your dorm room.

6) Constellation Pattern Foil Printed Blackout Curtains

best dorm room curtains

Blackout curtains do not have to be boring, we repeat, they do not have to be boring!

These gold foil constellation dorm curtains are a fantastic example of how blackout curtains can still look good and add to your space, rather than take away from it.

These curtains come in a ton of different lengths and colors so you can choose what’s best for your dorm room.

Add these to your cart quickly, the 35% coupon won’t last forever!

7) White Blackout Curtains for Dorm Rooms

white and affordable curtains

Our personal favorite blackout curtains are the white curtains that easily blend in with the wall.

White blackout curtains don’t take away from your dorm room’s aesthetic and serve a super functional purpose: removing light from your room!

Blackout curtains for dorm rooms are best in the morning when you’re wanting that extra bit of darkness to sleep in.

8) Microfiber Total Privacy Blackout Curtain

grey long curtain ideas

Not all curtains are an expensive investment you have to make for your dorm room.

These $7 curtains are a great example of how dorm curtains can be cheap and affordable.

Whether you want them in navy, white, or beige, there’s a curtain that will work for anyone’s dorm aesthetic.

With over 5,000 positive reviews, we can guarantee these will be worth your money.

9) Boho Semi-Blackout Window Curtains

cute dorm curtains

If a total blackout curtain is too much for you, opt for a semi-blackout curtain that will still let some light in, while helping to keep most of it out.

These boho dorm curtains would look great in anyone’s room, and they come in a ton of different colors.

We absolutely love these off-white curtains and we guarantee you will too.

Even though they’re a bit more expensive, you only have to buy them once and they’ll be an investment for years.

10) Blackout Curtains with Tiebacks

curtains for dorm rooms

Having curtains with tiebacks is key for your dorm if you want to be able to pull them back nicely during the day.

We love how many colors and sizes these blackout curtains come in, especially since they’re only $22.

With a light blocking and noise reducing fabric plus built in heavy duty grommets, these are easily one of our favorite curtain choices for 2024.

Can You Hang Curtains in a Dorm Room?

Yes, most colleges allow you to hang curtains in your dorm room. However, it’s important to double check with your specific college to avoid issues.

Most dorms will let you hang curtains, as long as you’re not damaging the walls. Command Strips will be your best friend for schools that don’t allow nails.

If your school does allow you to nail or screw things into the wall, then you’re in luck! You can screw your curtain rod into the wall without having to worry about it ever falling down.

How Do You Hang Dorm Curtains Without Nails?

If you aren’t allowed to nail or screw anything into the walls, command strips will be your best friend for hanging up dorm room curtains.

Heavy duty wall hooks can help hold up your curtain rod and curtains, but it’s important to take note of how many pounds the command strips can hold and that your rod and curtains don’t exceed that weight.

If you’re using command strips you’ll also want to be gentle when you pull on your curtains so they don’t all come crashing down.

What Color Curtains Are Best For Dorm Rooms?

There’s more to curtains than meets the eye. They aren’t just for looks.

Certain colored curtains actually serve different purposes… 

Brown and darker tones are better for studying and keeping your room calm while lighter colors like white and beige are better at reflecting light and keeping the heat out.

Some curtains, like blackout curtains, have a black exterior so it doesn’t matter which color you choose that faces the inside!

Fabric can also play a key role in your curtain purchase so make sure you choose the one from the list that feels the best for you and your needs in your dorm.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite dorm room curtains idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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