10 Best Mirrors for Dorm Rooms 2024 (Full Length, Table, and Hanging)

best mirrors for dorm rooms

Moving into your dorm room soon? Need a good mirror? Come pick from these 10 best mirrors for dorm rooms in 2024!

Having the best mirror that works for you is key to getting dressed faster and feeling more confident throughout your day. 

Do you want a full length mirror? Does it need to hang over the door?

Or maybe you already have a full length mirror, but need one that’s handy and easy to move around.

Whatever your need is, we have the mirror for you. Get ready to add your new favorite mirror to your cart!

Best Mirrors for Dorm Rooms

Throughout this article, we will break the different types of mirrors into three categories:

  1. Full Length Mirrors
  2. Table Mirrors
  3. Door Hanging Mirrors

Full Length Mirrors

If you need a full length mountable mirror to stand up in your dorm room, check out these next few options!

1) Petaflop 14×48 Inch Full Length Mirror Wall Mounted

best mirrors for dorm rooms

The Petaflop Full Length Mirror is a perfect mirror for small spaces! This is great for leaning against a wall or mounting!

The silver trim on this mirror gives it a sophisticated and classic look that is sure to elevate any dorm room and match your aesthetic!

At four feet tall, you can’t go wrong with this mirror, no matter how tall or short you are.

This rectangular wall mounted mirror is only $59 which means it’s budget friendly and you know it’ll last for years!

2) Ruomeng Full Length Tiles Mirror for Dorm Room

best dorm room mirrors

If you have limited floor space in your dorm and need an easy mirror that can go on you wall without needing any nails or special tools, then we have the mirror for you!

This Full Length Mirror Tile from Ruomeng is perfect for any dorm room as it’s easy to stick onto the wall and won’t cause any damage!

This easy to use mirror is hands down one of our go-to’s for everyone’s dorm and at only $29 the mirror works within everyone’s budget!

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3) Beauty4U Full Length Wall Mirror

full length mirrors for dorms

The Beauty4U Full Length Mirror is one of the best mirrors for dorm rooms because it also adds decoration to your space!

This wall mounted mirror is easy to set up anywhere in your dorm and with shatterproof technology. If anything happens with your mirror the pieces of glass won’t go flying everywhere!

The designed trim on this mirror makes it the perfect added piece to anyone looking to elevate the look of their space, and at only $60 you can’t go wrong!

This durable, safe, and aesthetically designed mirror was basically made just for you.

4) Adesso Simple Modern Full Length Folding Mirror

folding mirrors for dorm rooms

The Adesso Foldable mirror is perfect for those looking for a full length mirror for their dorm but don’t want to risk mounting anything to their walls.

This mirror is easy to set up, all you have to do is pull out the kick stand, and it fits in nearly every dorm room!

We recommend placing this in the corner of your dorm for optimal space and you can even hide extra belongings behind it and no one will see!

At 59” this mirror is the perfect height for any student on the taller end. 

Table Mirrors

These next few table mirrors are perfect for any desk or make up stand in your dorm room!

5) Calenzana Frameless Desk Standing Mirror 

frameless desk mirror for dorm

No matter what your dorm aesthetic is, this Calenzana Frameless Table Mirror is perfect for everyone’s space!

This mirror is perfect for anyone looking for a small, compact, and simple mirror to use for putting on makeup, washing their face, or for putting on jewelry!

You can put this on any surface and even decorate it next to your existing photo frames to make it functional as decor instead of just a mirror.

At only $16, this rectangular mirror is one of our top picks for any dorm, even if you have a full length mirror already! Remember, you can never go wrong with a portable one.

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6) Wood Table Rectangle Makeup Mirror for Dorms

make up mirrors for dorm rooms

This wood table mirror is one of the best mirrors for dorm rooms in 2024! Not only does it have our favorite mid-century modern style to it, but it functions as two mirrors in one!

Use it as a table mirror or mount it next to your desk or on your bathroom wall to save that extra surface space. 

This mirror is only $20 and we guarantee it will last for years!

With the cute rectangular shape and classic wood trim, we hope this mirror has already been added to your cart. 

7) Weily Lighted Makeup Tri-Fold Mirror with 1X/2X/3X Magnification

tri-fold makeup mirrors for dorms

So you’re looking for a new table mirror to use for makeup, but you’re worried about the lighting in your dorm? Well look no further!

This table mirror has built in lights that can illuminate your face as you’re getting ready. No need to worry about low dorm lighting!

This mirror also has magnification which means no more squinting to try and see the details of your eyeliner or foundation. 

The best dorm mirror solution is here and it’s only $32!

Door Hanging Mirrors

Need a full length mirror that can hang over the back of your door? Take a look at these options!

8) Americanflat Over the Door Full Length Hanging Door Mirror

best hanging door mirrors for dorm rooms

Don’t have the wall space for a mounted mirror or don’t want to risk the mounting process? This Over the Door Full Length Mirror from Americanflat is perfect for you!

Why go through the hassle of mounting when this easy to setup mirror is here? All you have to do is hang it over your door and voila, you’re ready to go!

This full length mirror works for any dorm room and almost any size door! So not only is this hassle free, but it was basically made with everyone in mind.

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9) Miruo Makeup Full Length Hanging Door Mirror

best hanging over the door mirrors

The Miruo Makeup Full Length Door Mirror is easy to setup and matches with any dorm aesthetic. Plus, it’s made with a special material to make it extremely difficult to shatter!

This durable and sturdy mirror is great for a quick and easy solution for every dorm. It takes the worry out of potentially breaking the glass.

Coming in a variety of colors, this $68 over the door mirror has easily become one of our favorites. 

10) Mirrotek ‘Over The Door’ Dorm Room Mirror 

best dorm room mirrors

This Mirrotek ‘Over the Door’ Mirror made the list of our top picks for dorm room mirrors! It has a simple profile, a variety of sizes, colors, and easy to setup instructions.

This mirror was made with you in mind as it can fit in almost any space. Plus, it’s lightweight so you won’t struggle installing it on your door!

We definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a simple and flattering mirror for their space. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to add this $59 mirror to your cart!


Hopefully these mirrors gave you some inspiration for what to bring to your dorm room! Remember to talk to your roommates to see if they’re already bringing one.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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